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I’m Desiree Rodriguez and I am a Wellness Advocate and the Founder of Rican Vegan.

I wasn’t always in the best of health.  Throughout my life when people looked at me they thought I was in great health because I did not look extremely heavy on the outside, but on the inside I was unhealthy. After switching to a predominately whole food plant-based diet I was able to improve my overall health dramatically.  I felt and looked better than ever and then I thought to myself, why aren’t more people eating this way?  They could solve most of their medical conditions and feel better just by eating whole foods.

My Mission

Promote eating a plant-based diet while empowering and inspiring you to better yourself.  I want to show people who are sick of having a medical condition achieve a better quality of life that doesn’t require taking medication.  That’s why I created this blog, Rican Vegan, for the food lover who wants to transition to eating plant-based food that is healthy and flavorful.  I help them heal their medical conditions by demonstrating how plant-based foods can be used as medicine to cure their disorder.

My Journey To A Plant-Based Lifestyle

In recent years, I’ve transformed my eating habits from eating anything and everything that was available on the supermarket shelves to mainly a plant-based diet.  For as long as I could remember I always had a love for food. Food was always on my mind and I preferred eating fried foods, all kinds of meat and seafood, cake, cookies, ice cream and everything else that is full of fat and sugar.  Vegetables were never a priority on my plate and I only ate them when they were breaded and fried or covered in cheese.

What I didn’t realize was that these types of foods were actually affecting my body without me realizing it.  I suffered from several types of allergies, dry patches of skin would appear on different areas of my body at random times and out of nowhere I would break out in hives.  I never made the correlation that these symptoms were the consequences of my eating habits. When I would go to the doctor to see why I was getting these symptoms, I was just prescribed medication to treat them.  My doctors never dug deep to find the root of my conditions.  It was easier for them to keep prescribing me medication as a temporary fix.   I did not want to rely on taking medication for every little condition I had to only have it come back if I missed a dosage.

Growing up in the Puerto Rican culture I was exposed to a number of traditional meals that my family made that were full of flavor but also full of fat, sugar and carbs.  I witnessed firsthand family members becoming overweight and developing high blood pressure, type II diabetes, high cholesterol and having to rely on taking multiple medications to control these conditions. I was told that this was a normal part of getting old and to get ready because the same will happen to me when I get older.  When I heard this I asked myself, why would I want to live like that?  I knew that when I got older I want to live my life and be able to enjoy it without worrying about when I have to take a pill.  I made it my goal to break this vicious cycle of illnesses that plagued my family but at the rate that I was going, I was about to fall into the same trap if I didn’t change.

Before picture.jpg

Me before eating a plant-based diet

Desiree Rodriguez-Rican Vegan Headshot.j

Me after eating a plant-based diet

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I had no idea that real food could be used as medicine until I saw several documentaries on how people cured themselves from various illnesses by eating a plant-based diet and how processed foods really affect us in the long run.  I decided to give it a shot to see if only eating plant-based foods would work for me too.  As a result, I lost 20 pounds that has stayed off.  The dry patches of skin have disappeared and haven’t returned, I no longer break out in hives and my allergies are now under control without any medication.  I have more energy than I did before without taking any energy supplements and my muscles do not get as sore as they used to after exercising.  When I saw how this changed my life, I knew I couldn’t go back to the way I used to eat.  I felt so much better now than I did before!


When I made the decision to continue eating a plant-based diet I didn’t want to abandon the Puerto Rican food I grew up eating at all so I decided to incorporate those flavors into healthy plant-based meals. I began developing my own recipes and veganizing family recipes to be flavorful, nutritious and plant-based.  I wanted to share my journey of transitioning into a plant-based diet and provide inspiration and tips to those interested in taking their own journey to better health.

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