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This is the multifunctional rice cooker that will make your cooking easier

Disclosure: Hamilton Beach provided me with this Rice and Hot Cereal Cooker to use in order to conduct this review. All my opinions are my own.

These are some of the features the Hamilton Beach Rice and Hot Cereal Cooker has that I like:

  • It has preprogramed settings for white rice, whole grains, hot cereals, steaming, heating and simmering.   Just press the button for the type of food you are cooking in it, select the amount of time and that’s it the cooker takes over after that.

  • It has a delayed start time. So let’s say you don’t have time to make rice for dinner or even oatmeal for breakfast.  You can add the ingredients for whatever you are going to make in the rice cooker, select the setting you want to cook it in, then press delay time and set the number of hours and minutes you want the rice cooker to wait before cook.  This will save you time and you can still have a home cooked meal at any time.

  • It’s multifunctional.  It allows you to cook and steam in one appliance.  I always prefer multi-use appliances over one use appliances.  The more I can do with one appliance the more I am motivated to use it regularly and it’s also easier to clean one appliance as opposed to cleaning two and three appliances that you use to make one meal.

  • I like that it has this condensation collector that collected all of the water from the steam. The water dripped from the lid of the rice cooker right into the condensation collector.   My previous rice cooker didn’t have one of these so I had to be careful not spill any of the water that accumulated on the lid.

  • Lastly, I like the size of the appliance.  When I heard that it can make up to 20 cups of rice I imagined this huge rice cooker that was going to take up a lot of space but actually it wasn’t that much bigger than a smaller rice cooker that makes about 8-10 cups of rice.

Get your own Hamilton Beach rice and hot cereal cooker from Amazon here.

Which feature(s) do you like most about the Hamilton Beach Rice and Hot Cereal Cooker?  Share them in the comments below!


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