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Apple Pear Smoothie

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

It's the beginning of a new year and you know what that means…many people are on their annual health kick. Many people make resolutions to either eat healthier, exercise more or lose weight or all of the above. The gyms are crowded, supermarkets can't keep the produce section fully stocked for more than a few hours and in homes around the country blenders are being dusted off from storage and placed in a prime area on the kitchen countertop. You also notice that more people around you are drinking smoothies. Some are bright colored or the traditional green color while others may not look so appetizing which makes you think...What did they put in that?!

Regardless of their color, smoothies are a great option for breakfast or a healthy snack on the go. They definitely help with weight loss especially if you may have put on some extra weight over the holidays. If you don't have a lot of energy or time to dedicate to cooking a healthy meal, just whip up a smoothie for a quick meal instead of going out to eat. It requires no cooking skills and it will help you stay on track with your New Years resolutions.

This apple pear smoothie is made with Honeycrisp apples and D'Anjou pears that are in season during the winter months making the beginning of the year a great time to have this smoothie. If you're worried about drinking a cold smoothie during the winter, don't let that stop you. A smoothie can cool you down If you get hot from wearing too many layers of clothes or if you just finished working out.  Plus this is much cheaper to make than buying it already made.

I like to drink this smoothie when I'm on the go running errands or sitting in traffic since I don’t have to worry about where I can get a plant-based meal if I'm not home. This smoothie helps me stay on the road to optimal health and it can do the same for you in keeping your resolutions.

Rican Vegan Apple Pear Smoothie


Apple Pear Smoothie

Get the printable recipe here.

Yield: 2 servings


1 Honeycrisp apple

1 D'Anjou pear

½ carrot or 4 baby carrots

½ banana

¾ cup coconut water

1 cup ice


1. Place all of the ingredients into a blender.

2. Blend on high until smoothie is well blended and there are no chunks of ice in it.

3. Serve immediately.


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