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How To Make A Better Cup Of Coffee With The Ninja Coffee Bar

Disclosure: I received a Ninja Coffee Bar to use in order to conduct this review. All my opinions are my own.

When I was asked if I could review the Ninja Coffee Bar, I was ecstatic because I finally had a chance to actually make coffee shop quality coffee at home! I love drinking those pretty specialty coffee drinks sold at coffeehouses but buying one everyday can add up and put a dent in my wallet. I've attempted to make blended and iced coffee at home before with a regular coffee maker but it never worked out. The coffee always had a watered down taste from the ice that I didn't like. Now that the Ninja Coffee Bar has come into my life, I no longer have this problem. The Ninja Coffee Bar is a home coffee brewer that lets you choose the richness of the coffee flavor as well as the size of coffee you want with no watered down taste.

This brewer uses a brewing technology called Thermal Flavor Extraction that differs from the traditional brewing process other coffee brewers use. It uses a precise combination of moisture, temperature and time to pull all of the flavor from the coffee grounds and into your cup. 

It has the Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence feature that lets you choose up to four different types of brews such as Classic Brew, Rich Brew, Over Ice Brew and Speciality Brew. The   Specialty and Over Ice brews caught my attention the most since those are my favorite types of coffee drinks. I haven't seen this feature on any other coffee maker and my previous coffee maker definitely did not have this. Being able to control the richness of the coffee flavor as opposed to just having one standard brewing option is a great feature since you can choose the strength of flavor based on the type of drink you want. You can make a coffee that is smooth in flavor or a stronger brew for iced and blended coffees to compensate for the melting ice.

The brewer can make coffee in several different sizes so there is no restriction as to the amount of coffee you can brew. The carafe can make several servings of coffee so you can share your delicious and rich flavored coffee with friends and family. If you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee for yourself then you can brew the coffee directly into your favorite coffee mug. Need to take your coffee to go? No problem! Any size travel tumbler fits in the Ninja coffee bar so you can brew your coffee directly into the tumbler and take it on the road.

The Ninja Coffee Bar comes with a glass carafe as well as a hot and cold insulated tumbler with a straw, a double sided coffee scoop that is specifically made for this brewer, a milk frother and a recipe book containing 100 different coffeehouse-style recipes that you can make. It retails for $179.99 and is available at major retailers nationwide.

The coffee I made in this brewer was so rich and flavorful that it wasn't overpowered by the almond milk creamer I added to it. If this coffee was brewed in my old coffee machine the creamer would have overpowered it. When I brewed coffee in the carafe the brew-through carafe lid prevented the coffee from sprewing.

With the delay brew function I can set it at night to brew a cup of coffee at a specific time the next day. Now instead of stopping at the coffee shop in the morning for a cup of coffee I'll save the trip and go straight to my kitchen.

My family also enjoyed the espresso coffee that was brewed in the Ninja Coffee Bar and now  prefer that their espresso is made in this machine instead of their usual stovetop espresso maker. Coffee is a huge part of the Latin culture and we can be very picky when it comes to the way it is made and how strong it tastes. The Ninja Coffee Bar held its own in a house full of Puerto Ricans and it satisfied my specialty coffee needs as well as my family's taste preferences for strong coffee. Ninja thought of everything to make a perfect cup of brewed coffee!

Check out Ninja Coffee Bar online!

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