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No Salt Adobo Seasoning

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

As a child when it was close to dinner time I would always lurk around the kitchen to see when dinner was going to be ready.  I would stand in the entrance of our kitchen and watch my mother as she washed, chopped up and seasoned the ingredients that would make up our meal for the evening.  When she looked over at me she would tell me to give her the adobo.  Adobo is like the secret ingredient you can never go wrong with.  It’s a dry rub seasoning that is used in the preparation of the meat in the majority of Latin dishes.    My mom would buy the biggest bottle of it in the store and it sat front and center of the bottom cabinet shelf because she used it everyday.

If you are Puerto Rican or Latin then you probably have a big bottle of this at home or someone in your family does.  She would apply a generous amount on the raw food before adding the rest of the ingredients to it and when I used to cook meat I did the same as well.  Like mother like daughter.  Even though now I no longer cook meat I still use adobo in many of my plant-based meals to add a nice flavor to them.

Rican Vegan No Salt Adobo Seasoning

Puerto Ricans cannot live without this seasoning because it’s so flavorful and versatile that you can use it on all types of food not just meat.  There are different variations of adobo available but your basic blend usually consists of some of the common everyday spices that you may already have at home such as salt, black pepper, garlic powder and oregano.

When you combine these spices they give a Latin touch to any meal.  This recipe is pure and doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives and also doesn’t contain any salt which prevents you from over salting any of your dishes.

Check out the recipe below!

Rican Vegan No Salt Adobo Seasoning


No Salt Adobo Seasoning

Get the printable recipe here.


1 ½ teaspoons Black pepper

1 tablespoon Garlic powder

1 tablespoon Oregano

1 tablespoon Cumin

1 tablespoon Onion powder

1 tablespoon Turmeric


1. Combine all ingredients until evenly mixed.

2. Store mixture in an air tight glass jar until ready to use.


What do you like to put adobo seasoning on?  Let us know in the comments below!


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