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10 Simple Tips for Becoming Fit and Healthy

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

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Who doesn't want to be fit and healthy?

We all want to lead healthier lives. Whether it is for medical or emotional reasons, we are concerned with the way we physically look and feel. We see people who have toned muscular bodies as attractive and happy and we want that for ourselves. The problem is that when it comes down to doing the work, we realize that it can be a challenge and will require some behavioral changes that we may or may not be comfortable doing.

Then again if it was easy, we would all have rock hard abs. By fearing change and sticking with our old habits we are getting in our own way from living a better life. I'm here to tell you that living a healthy and fit life is achievable if you put your mind to it and make small consistent changes everyday.

Here are 10 tips you can follow that will help you to become a healthier and fit person.

Make your own meals

Making your own meals not only saves you money but you know what ingredients are in your meal. You can also add more nutritious items such as dark leafy greens and seeds to make it extra healthy and wholesome.

Make exercising a fun activity

Everyone is different when it comes to exercising, some hate it and others love it. If you are doing the same routine all the time of course it will become boring so change it up. Instead of going to the gym to exercise take a dance class, play a sport on a intramural team, try doing yoga or even indoor rock climbing. These activities will help you burn calories without you even realizing it.

Eat real food

Plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and legumes are essential for having a strong immune system and maintaining a healthy weight. Not only that they will reduce your risk of getting chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Avoid eating foods that are highly processed, contain artificial ingredients and excess fat.

Eat fruits when craving sugary or salty junk foods

Cravings are the worst especially when you are starting to eat healthy and get a craving for junk food. Combat those cravings by eating some fruit instead of processed foods. A piece of fruit may not be a piece of chocolate cake but it has vitamins and minerals that cake doesn't have.

Stay hydrated

Drink water instead of sugary drinks to hydrate yourself and to help your body rid itself of toxins. The key is to keep drinking water throughout the day so you won't get thirsty because once you are thirsty, you are dehydrated. Carry around a refillable BPA free water bottle so you always have easy access to water and can refill the bottle throughout the day.

Have a positive attitude

Being healthy not only pertains to your physical being but your mental being as well. Having a negative mindset can lead to depression, stress and sickness. If you are in a bad mood or have a lot of negative thoughts, read some positive quotes to change your thoughts to more positive ones. The more positive frame of mind you have the more positivity you bring into your life.

Take healthy meals and snacks wherever you go

By bringing your own meals and snacks you are guaranteed to eat healthy. If you don’t you can fall into the temptation of eating something unhealthy and then afterwards feel guilty about eating it. Grab a lunch bag and fill it up with fruits, granola and of course water so you are always prepared and can't set yourself up for failure.

Get sleep

When we don’t get enough sleep it affects our mood in addition to our well being. Lack of sleep can lead to moody behavior, a low immune system, depression, impaired memory and even skin wrinkling. Make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep everyday and your body will thank you by keeping you looking young and not sick.

Release your stress

Stress comes in many forms and how we cope with it can sometimes do more harm than good to our physical health. Look for activities like meditation, exercise, getting a massage or yoga that promote stress release. They help get your mind off of what is stressing you and removes you from the environment that is causing the stress.

Don't smoke or drink

Smoking and drinking introduces toxins and empty calories into your body that can wreck havoc on your health. Avoid smoking and drinking at all costs but if you decide to have a drink once in a while don't go overboard.

Have any questions or comments on these 10 simple tips for becoming fit and healthy? Share them in the comments below!


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