How To Peel A Plantain

A plantain is a type of banana that’s used in a lot of Latin dishes. These bananas need to be cooked before you eat them since they contain more starch than the bananas you would eat as a fruit. You can steam, boil, fry or bake them.

Plantains come in two colors, green and yellow. Green plantains are not ripe and have a savory flavor when they are cooked. Yellow plantains are green plantains that have ripened so they have a sweeter taste. The longer you let them ripened they’ll begin to turn black but that doesn’t mean that they’re spoiled. Those are even sweeter than the yellow ones.

Even though plantains are bananas they don’t peel easily like the bananas you snack on. First let me show you how to peel a green plantain. They have a much harder peel that you won’t be able to peel by hand.

Watch this video to learn how to properly peel green and yellow plantains. If there are any kitchen tips and tricks that you want me to show you, let me know in the comments below.

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