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31 Days of Motivation To Better Yourself 

Need to make a lifestyle change?

Towards the end of the year, people usually reflect on their current life and the events that occurred during the year. They see the new year as a fresh start which usually motivates most people to want to make some type of change in their life to better themselves. Are you looking for some motivation to better yourself?

Whether it's losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, looking for a new job, etc. there is a desire to change. They don’t want the same behavior that led them to their current situation carry over into the new year.

Change can be hard to deal with and keep up with especially when we are used to being in our current situation for a long time. Once it becomes a hard challenge, we lose the drive that made us want to change in the first place and that’s when we go back to our old ways and lose hope. Most new years resolutions are abandoned after the first week of January but I want to help you work and stay motivated to achieve your goals for longer than a week.

Each day in January I will share a motivational quote on all of my social media sites that will help you stay focused on achieving your new years resolutions and goals. We all need to work on ourselves in some way so let's change for the better in the next 31 days!

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Below is the complete collection of motivational quotes by day.

Day 1

Today is the start of the New Year. If there is something you always wanted to accomplish make the decision to do it today.

Day 2

Make your goals challenging to keep it interesting and avoid boredom.

Day 3

It may seem impossible to achieve your goals in the beginning but don’t give up.

Day 4

Your struggle will make you stronger in the long run!

Day 5

You may not know your own strength now but it will reveal itself at the right time.

Day 6

As long as you are patient, stay in a positive mind frame and be persistent you will achieve your goals.

Day 7

If you are pursuing perfection it can set you up for a life of disappointment and inevitable failure. Strive for progress instead. 

Day 8

Don't look at mistakes and failures as negative. Look at them as learning experiences and take what you learned to make the appropriate changes and try again.

Day 9

Your struggles develop your strengths. Going through hardships and deciding not to give up is strength.

Day 10

Eating right and exercise will always be the solution for healthy lifestyle.

Day 11

Overcoming the battle makes winning it worth so much more.

Day 12

You were born to be you and no one else.

Day 13

Make sure your thoughts are positive and encouraging.

Day 14

The only way to change is to want it so much more than wanting to stay the same.

Day 15

Growing is a part of living. Make sure you are growing everyday.

Day 16

Create new daily habits that will support the change you are making. These habits will keep you on track.

Day 17

If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

Day 18

There was a reason why you wanted to make a change. Every once in a while remind yourself what it is so you can keep going.

Day 19

How you deal with failure is up to you.

Day 20

Giving up only brings you back to the beginning instead of bringing you closer to the end goal.

Day 21

Go out and get a good workout in today!

Day 22

Keep your eyes on your goals and don't let obstacles distract you from them.

Day 23

No one else can make the decision to improve yourself only you can.

Day 24

Reflect on what you've done today and think of how you can do it better tomorrow.

Day 25

Don't be afraid to walk away from anyone or anything that holds you back.

Day 26

The universe is working in your favor. It will come to you at the perfect time.

Day 27

There is no one holding you back from yourself.  Don't get in your own way.

Day 28

Don't lose faith no matter how hard it gets.

Day 29

Even when times are tough be grateful for everything.

Day 30

Your hidden strength will show once you push yourself to the limit.

Day 31

There is always time to make a new ending that results in you being happy. 

Got any questions or comments about the 31 days of motivation to better yourself challenge? Share them in the comments below.


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