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What Is The Best Way To Eat More Vegetables Everyday?

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Until a few years ago, my vegetable intake was not even close to the recommended standards.  If I was at a party and the appetizer options were either raw vegetables with dip or potato chips with dip, I would always choose the potato chips and avoid the vegetables.  I knew that the vegetables were better for me but the chips gave me more satisfaction.  Why is it that everything that’s not good for you taste so good?  Why can’t it be the opposite way?  But it actually can be!   Vegetables should not only have a great flavor to them but also look appetizing so that you want to eat them.

Rican Vegan Vegetables

Here are some simple ways that you can eat more vegetables everyday without realizing you are.

Add Them to Fruit Smoothies

I love drinking smoothies whenever I can!!  Smoothies can be used to cover the taste of vegetables you may not like but are very nutritious.  Make sure that you put sweet fruits in your smoothies so when you add the vegetables they will taste fruity.  Stick with green and orange colored vegetables since not all vegetables go well in a smoothie.

Add Them to Soup

Soups are a great way to eat vegetables you normally wouldn’t.  There are certain vegetables I prefer eating cooked rather than raw so I will use them in a hearty soup.  You can even use vegetables to make a broth to cook your soups in to give it an extra boost of veggie flavor.

Add Them to Sandwiches

Meatless sandwiches don't have to be dull.  Add some grilled or roasted vegetables tossed in your favorite seasoning or sauce for a delicious lunch on the go. You can also mix raw and cooked vegetables to get the best of both in one sandwich.

Incorporate Them Into Burgers

Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat a burger?  I sure do!  Chop up some vegetables and add them inside any bean or veggie burger patty or slice them and place them as toppings to any cooked burger. Either way don't be shy on loading your burger up with some nutrient dense plant-based ingredients.

Bake Them Into Desserts

Desserts made with vegetables are a great way to still eat sweets and not feel so guilty about eating it afterwards.  Cocoa powder adds the chocolate flavor most people love but also covers the taste of the vegetables. Desserts like chocolate avocado pudding and chocolate cake made with beets and zucchini may sound crazy but not only are they more nutritious than their regular counterparts, they are delicious too!

You can try one or all of these methods to see which one works for you.  What’s important is that you find what works for you and stick to it!

Can you name some other ways to eat more vegetables everyday? Share them in the comments below!


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